If you’re charging a customer for your work, you have the flexibility to charge fixed amounts as work is completed and/or set time-based billable rates. Hourly rates can be set for each team member.

Projects list

On the projects list page you’ll see a table with the columns below;

  • Name: Project title/name

  • Client: The name of the client

  • Members: Team members attached to the project

  • Amount: The current total cost of the project

  • Cost: Cost of the project so far

  • Billing Method: Shows the billing method type

Create Project

To create a new project, go to the Projects tab on the main sidebar, and click on the +New Project button. This will open the project create modal offering a series of text and numerical inputs.

The form contains:

  • Name: Project title/name

  • Customer: Select the relevant client from the client list.

  • Start Date: Project start date

  • Due Date: Expected end date for the project

  • Billing Method: There are four billing methods and each one is explained below;

  • Est. Hours: Estimated number of hours for the project.

  • Description: Summary of the project.


You can create a new client while creating a new project. Simply click on the New Client link, situated next to Customer field. A pop-up modal will open, enabling you to complete the new client’s details. Then continue creating the project for this new client.

Billing Methods

Hourly Staff Rate

If you have Staff in your account, their rate is how much your Client will be billed regardless of the Task the hours are logged against. This method is really useful if you have multiple Staff working on a Project all with different rates.

Hourly Task Rate

Your Client will be billed based on the Tasks that are assigned to the Project. It doesn’t matter who tracked the time, only the Task Rate is being taken into consideration. This method is really useful if you charge different rates for different Tasks regardless of who did the work.

Hourly Project Rate

It doesn’t matter who tracked the time, or which Task was chosen, your Client will always be billed at one consistent rate for that Project.

Fixed Project Amount

It doesn’t matter how many hours were logged, the Project will always be billed at the Flat Project Amount. You set the Flat Project Amount from the Edit Project screen.

Time Entries

Manual Entry

  • To enter time manually click on More button and choose Timesheets.

  • Click New Entry button

  • Select a task from the dropdown list.

  • Choose a start time and end time

  • Enter time entry description and choose whether it’s billable or unbillable.

Click Save when completed.

Start Timer

To start a timer.
  • Open specific task and click Actions at the top bar of the task details slide panel. Click Start Timer to start timer for this task.

  • Whenever there is a timer running, the left sidebar will show the number of running timers next to Projects link.

  • You can stop the timer by following the same process of starting the timer above.

Invoice Project

In Sereni, you and your team can track your time to Projects. Those Projects are assigned to individual customers, and you can invoice your clients easily based on that tracked time by generating an Invoice with time entries on it.

To generate an invoice.
  • Open the project dashboard click Invoices to start invoicing your project. Click New Invoice to begin.

  • Select Add billable time entries if you want to invoice unbilled time entries.

  • Select Add billable expenses if you want to add unbilled expenses to the invoice.

Click Save to generate project invoice.


Billed time entries will all be marked as Billed.