Invoice Settings

You can view and edit the invoice configuration in your portal by going to Settings and clicking on the Invoice Settings.


Any changes you make to the Invoice Settings will apply to all your invoices.

You can modify the settings below;
  • Invoices due after: Number of days before an invoice is overdue.

  • Invoice Number Format: Invoice format. Default -[yyyy][mm][dd]-[i] for {year}{month}{day}-{number}

  • Invoice Prefix: Add your chosen prefix. For example, you may choose to add your company initials, such as AD and Invoices will appear as AD0001 etc Default INV

  • Reminder 1: Number of days when a standard overdue reminder is set to send. Default 1

  • Reminder 2: Number of days when a second reminder should be sent after invoice overdue. Default 5

  • Reminder 3: Number of days when a late fee should be applied and final reminder sent. Default 10

  • Apply late fee on last reminder: Apply late fee to invoice on 3rd reminder

  • Late Fee: Late fee percentage

  • Send invoice on recur: Automatically send invoice to customer when they recur

  • Invoice Logo: Upload your Invoice Logo

  • Notes: Any additional information that should appear at the bottom of your invoices